The United States stands on the verge of comprehensive changes to immigration law. Investigate different perspectives on this approach and explore the myriad of issues surrounding immigration reform, including economic and social implications, the impact on your community, and paths to citizenship for those who have entered illegally.

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Roosevelt House, NY
December 10, 2017


Adam Strom,
Director, Re-Imagining Migration, Boston University

From our very origins, the human journey has been shaped by migration. For over 70,000 years, human beings have been on the move, and today—with 250 million international migrants and 750 internal migrants—migrations are reshaping the world. What’s behind the heated arguments about DACA, tensions over school curricula, religious diversity, and the sanctuary cities? What can individuals, groups, and nations do to make a positive difference? Civic Fellows investigated the opportunities and tensions created by large numbers of newcomers and explored constructive paths forward.

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